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SACRAMENT  OF HOLY  EUCHARIST  DETAILS: As we prepare our young people for the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, we also include our families, as you are the main teachers and role models for our students. We do our best to assist you in preparing your children for this beautiful Sacrament.  

We will have a rehearsal with the children in church at 5:30 p.m. on May 1st.

There will be NO Large Group First Communion  Mass.

Families may choose from any of the following Masses during the month of May for First Communion, although we will need to limit the number of 1st Communions at each Mass.  Sign ups begin  in November

**Mass Options for First Communions: When available,  Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. or  Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, or 12:00 noon.

At the Communion Masses, a staff member or teacher, will be present to greet you and your family.  Each child will have one pew reserved for the family. Extended family members may find seats anywhere they wish in the church.  On the day of the Sacrament, please be in church at least 20 mins. prior to Mass. We will gather all the children 10 mins. before the beginning of Mass, to process in.

Please remember to fast for one (1) hour before going to communion. Prepare you hearts.

We do not have a formal Penance Service for grade 3 students, although each parent/guardian is encouraged to take their child to confession during the Lenten season, prior to the reception of The Eucharist.

Confessions are heard every Saturday before  the 4 and 7 pm Masses. Also at daily Mass at 7:15 a.m. No need to make an appointment.

BANNERS will be optional. They can be a fun family project and a wonderful  1st Communion remembrance to have at home throughout the years. Call for details.

CERTIFICATES will be placed in the pews (alphabetically) along with name tags, and commemorative pins.

NAMETAGS in the shape of a chalice will be worn by each child so the celebrant may call them by name when greeting him/her.  As soon as you get in church, please remove the name tag from the certificate and place it on your child’s clothes so that Fr. may know their name.

PICTURES will not be allowed during the actual celebration of the Mass. Please do not disregard this request! After the celebration, ample time will be allowed for pictures.

DRESS in Sunday best. White dresses and veils for the girls and full suits for the boys are traditional, yet optional. A neat dress or pants, or shirt and tie are acceptable. We sometimes have donated dresses and suits. Check with the Religious Ed office if interested.  If gloves are worn by the girls, they must be removed before going to Communion. Nothing in the hands. Their hands  are to be cradled, holding only The Host. We will review these things during rehearsal, which should only last about 25 mins. Please mark your calendars and attend so that your  child has full advantage of understanding and being prepared. Thank you!


God Bless you and yours,
Paul Bloom
Director of Religious Education


FIRST COMMUNION BREAD PARTIES:                                                                                                               

Dear 1st Communion Parents/Guardians,

A Bread Party Mass and gathering for all 3rd grade students, their families, and parishioners for the upcoming year will be announced soon.

At these Masses, each Gr. 3 student is asked to bring a loaf of sweet bread (please be sure to wrap). We suggest that you involve the child in baking or buying the bread to be shared in community, suggesting that this bread nourishes our body, and that Christ, The Bread of Life, nourishes our souls. There will be baskets in church at the foot of the altar for your family to place your loaf of bread in before Mass. Once the priest has blessed the bread as Mass begins, our ministry students will gather the bread and bring it to the parish hall where it will be cut and divided to share. After Mass, our families and parishioners are invited to the parish hall to share the bread in community. We will provide butter,  jam, coffee, tea, and loganberry juice for you, and our ministry students will host the event!

If you have any questions, please call at 668-2070.  We look forward to supporting your efforts to help your child(ren) grow in their faith.

May you remain joy-filled,
Paul Bloom
Director of Religious Education


Family Connections

            At the next family celebration, such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary, talk about the ways the meal you share on such occasions resembles the Eucharist. Use the following questions to guide your discussion:

  • How are this meal and celebration central to our life as family?
  • How is this meal a thanksgiving?
  • How does this meal commemorate an important event in the life of our family?
  • How is Christ present among us?
  • How do the similarities between our important family events and the Eucharist help us to appreciate both more deeply?

These are all worthy organizations that deal with the problems of hunger and poverty:

  • Catholic Relief Services,  Operation Rice Bowl and Food Fast are strong programs. Though Operation Rice Bowl is a Lenten program, and Food Fast is a twenty-four-hour experience, the curriculums for these projects provide activities that can be used in any setting.
  • “Souperbowl of Caring,” This nationwide effort to fight hunger takes place on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Poverty USA; This web site is full of interactive activities, statistics, and ideas about action and advocacy.
  • Bread for the World,
  • OXFAM,
  • Food for the Poor,
  • Pax et Bonum
  • Food For All (local org.) (716) 882-7705
  • Western New York Food Bank,
  • Heifer International,